Pumpkin Alive - Halloween Talking & Singing Animated LED Pumpkin

  • $34.99
  • Save $35

Ditch away the traditional carved pumpkin this Halloween and go for the most lively pumpkin ever.

Pumpkin Alive will give extra laughter to your Halloween party with his collection of songs and jokes! It has a built-in internal projector that projects animated Jack-O-Lantern faces and expressions into the pumpkin surface. With three unique character themes (spooky, traditional, and funny) provide over 70 minutes of fun animations. Packed with over 40 various Halloween songs and popular jokes.


  • Three Unique Characters - With three unique character themes (spooky, traditional, and funny). Add novelty to your Halloween. Suitable for indoor or outdoor covered places. 

  • Built-in Speaker - Comes with a built-in speaker, perfect for short to medium range distance. There are over 40 popular jokes and songs built into Pumpkin Alive to make you laugh and entertained.
  • USB charging - It can be connected to a mobile power for charging and can be charged through a socket. Any type of socket can be used. 

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