FreshKeep - Multifunctional Produce Fresh Keeping Storage Box

  • $19.99
  • Save $20

Keeping fruits and veggies fresh longer has never been easier with FreshKeep - Multifunctional Produce Fresh Keeping Storage Box

Produce tends to last longer when properly stored, that’s why we’ve designed a container that keeps it fresh and sorted while talking minimal space in the fridge.

FreshKeep is specifically made for fruits and veggies, it keeps a constant airflow inside to keep them tasty. Using the adjustable foldable partitions, you can pair up different foods inside.


  • Nothing Goes to Waste - FreshKeep design keeps constant airflow and perfect exposure to humidity to prevent any chance of spoiling.
  • Wash With Ease - To spare time put all your produce in FreshKeep and dunk it in water. After a quick drain, all the produce will be washed and fresh!
  • Classified Storage System - FreshKeep has a customizable partition system inside it to separate and protect, keeping everything in order.
  • Space Saver - Your new way of storing produce will save space in the fridge and keep more fruits and veggies fresh and ready for munching.

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