Bike Blanket - Indoor Storage Bike Wheel Cover

  • $29.99

The next time you come back with a dirty bike just wrap it up and no mud, dirt or sand will get into your home. Bike Blanket solves the nasty storage problem so you can keep your bike always close by!

Our bike covers the dirty parts of your bike, such as tires, the chain, and pedals. Safely store your bicycle indoors, while keeping your floors clean from sand, mud, dirt and tire marks.

This bike cover not only protects your home from bike dirt and oils but does it in a stylish way. The cover is available in various designs - from minimalist to whimsical - so anyone can pick the one that best suits their home interior and personality.


  • Protects your home, office, and car from dirt and tire marks.
  • Elastic end to end to easily fit on your bike
  • Easy to put on and off
  • When your dirty bike is well covered, you can store it wherever you like. Now nothing is stopping you from keeping your bike in the house!

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